Financial and Insurance Information

Our office is a fee for service practice. Payment is expected at the time the services are rendered. We practice financially arranged dentistry which means we strive to inform you of the costs of your dental care BEFORE treatment is begun. Payment arrangements are also determined BEFORE treatment begins. This avoids “surprises” for the patient as well as for the provider. 

We are a contracted, participating provider with only Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Delta. If you are covered by one of these two companies, we will submit a claim and accept payment directly from your insurance company. Occasionally a deductible or co-pay will be due, which will be billed to you after your claim has been processed. 

 All other dental insurance plans are contracts between the patient and his/her employer. Our practice has not contracted with these plans. Therefore, we expect payment at the time services are rendered. Of course, we will submit a dental claim on your behalf and ask the insurance company to reimburse you directly. 

 To avoid disappointments with benefit reimbursements, we strongly suggest that patients contact their insurance representative to make sure their insurance assumptions are correct. 

Our practice works very hard to get you the benefits you deserve, and in a timely manner. Our computer system utilizes fast, electronic claims processing and we have dedicated staff members monitoring the status of your claim. If we feel a procedure is unjustly denied, we will appeal your claim and demand that insurance companies pay the benefits that you are entitled to. 

Please understand that our practice works 100% for you. We want to help you to utilize your benefits, but also we do not want any decisions concerning your dental health to be influenced by the benefit packages that insurance companies offer.

 If you ever have any questions regarding your account, please contact us at 508-775-0622. We will be happy to review your account with you.


For your convenience we accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. 

We also offer Care Credit.  Care Credit is a credit card to be used specifically for healthcare, including medical care, dentistry, eye care, even veterinarian services.

Care credit can help you get the dental care you've always wanted with low monthly payment plans.

To learn more about Care Credit, please click on the link below.